I've known this guy so long and we've had so many strange adventures together in so many far and distant galaxies that it's hard to pick out things to show you, the viewer (and besides you - probably his sister-in-law and mother, and -  just maybe  - his vastly better three-quarters, Roxy - but she gets tired of seeing the damn things cluttering the walls all the time and doesn't like computers all that much since she does inscrutable accounting things for crabby lawyers all day) and anyway I don't have all that many paintings that you couldn't better see on the site Ron Davis hosts for him.

However, since James and I compulsively yatter back and forth via email  - I may have some recent stuff of Wrinkle's that Ron hasn't gotten around to putting up yet. These paintings are all digital all the time and have all been done in the last few months. Alright, that was a few months back that i wrote that and now there's even more stuff to look at. Talk is cheap - to see art you've got to suffer the 56k brain-lag. Do it.

One thing about Jim - he just doesn't stop.

Anyway - since I've taken the time to do this, you might as well push on down through these Jim Images before you go see more of his stuff that Ron Davis hosts at


Jim used to haul vast amounts of really good, very likely significant as in a "loss to the world of art" sort of significant - paintings off to the dump "to make room" as he says. The computer has helped abate this carnage - he can just paint them on screen until he gets one he really likes and then do it on canvas. (saves a lot of wear and tear on his truck...) and so he keeps them on Zip disks now instead of rolled up and rotting in the garage.

Jim tells this story of being at the dump one day throwing away huge rolled up canvases he'd cut off the stretcher bars - canvases so intensely colored or lumpy with paint that he couldn't paint over them. A lady in a Mercedes drives up and sees him and says "What are you doing! Those look like paintings you're throwing away!" Jim shrugs and says "Yeah they're paintings..." The lady tries to scramble down into the fishheads, dead blenders, and blowup dolls to rescue a few canvases - but it's too dangerous, she could get buried in all that cultural debris, so she gives up and turns to Jim  (this desecrator, this barbarian...) and says "What kind of paintings are they, anyway?" Jim tells her "Abstract Art..." and she goes like "Oh ... no wonder.." Having lost all interest, she dumps her garbage and drives off.





This digital painting is sort of recent and not of a type I'm used to seeing. Must have been something he ate, but we should all be so lucky with our social indigestion


Again. this recent image is a new type. It seems like a mutant refinement of the one above. I like both of them.

(Jim was down here and he says he took a picture of an extension cord and superimposed it against the bottom of a corroded pressure-cooker and then played with the result. Beats me...)

Jim has a thing about stuff mirrored asymmetrically in groups of nine. We could talk about this for a while, but i have a thing about snake-handling and things generally that stare at you in rude ways - so i'm going to pretend I only understand it in the very abstract. You'd be better off emailing him. He seems to have learned to type now...

Really recent - um... make that around the July 1999 full moon - not that I'm suggesting anything untoward or unusual. Jim really liked this one and I think he's probably going to manifest it onto canvas. Expect to see it in acrylic at about 48"x36"

There's almost no other way to spend time with Jim other than to paint, so you might as well get with the program. Oh, you could smoke and drink beer and bullshit, but he's going to start painting while you're doing it, so... He's sure everyone is an artist and he's such a nice guy that we hate to disappoint him. Later we laugh hysterically at his unstinting praise. Later yet Jim laughs about how he conned us into stretching canvas or whatever it was he wanted done.

Hand rolling cigarettes with acrylic paint still wet on your fingers is a good way to get OSHA and the Berverly Hills Bored Wives Against Toxic Materials in Art on your butt - they're convinced artists shouldn't use dangerous materials, especially things like paint and resins and metals and ceramic glazes 'cause you could get cancer or do something to piss off Jesse Helms and he'd cut their funding some more. Or is that the NEA. Oh well.

We're in the above paintings somewhere. You just can't see us, anymore than you can see all the beer cans, humus and pita bread scraps, feta and olive debris, retsina wine bottles and moldy espresso cups. We must have had enough consciousness left to clear them out of the way for these pictures, or at least before Roxy got up - which shows that despite appearances we're not entirely stupid.

This is just a taste of the coming attractions our card flipping personnel will soon have for you. If I'm not mistaken, the painting Roselle is holding up is something inspired by some sort of sea creature hanging off a rock, stranded above the tide line...

Before Jim got a WACOM tablet of his own, when he'd come down to visit and have to use my 6100 and Wacom tablet instead of his Mac II and a mouse, he'd always grumble about how the pen didn't track right or he couldn't find the menu buttons or something, just to let me know I wasn't a perfect host. Then instead of working on the piece he'd brought down on a floppy, he'd doodle with a new blank photoshop "page" and the pen for a while until he was convinced it wasn't going to bite him or send his real work flying off to perdition. The stuff he did at those times was a kind of throwback to his childhood and art school sketching days - days that he always speaks of fondly. The work he did at those times is more figurative and very lyrical. We worked together on the above piece, after the requisite struggling with networking the computers. Don't ask me why, but this piece he called TOWELHEAD.

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