kathy's window

Kathy's Kitchen Counter

(Click on Kathy's window to see her view)


Hard to resist, but I did it. Using "k" in counter, not the pie -  That's the cherry pie. Kathy's good at pie. Good at bread too. Good coffee, you betcha.


Work in progress...


I found this one out in the greenhouse area on the south side of Kathy's house. Hard to imagine what you'd paint if you could sit in her chair there and see that mountain with its signature cross crested in snow - the thing so dazzling in the light there and you in the chair. I don't think I'd move. I might forget to breathe. This painting probably has a few names or none at all - you can pick your own for right now. Maybe Kathy will tell me sometime and it'll get up here. Maybe you'll go buy this from her and she'll tell you. Ask me, I'll ask her if she's interested and if she wants to talk with you. If so, maybe you can work something out and I'm out of it ...

Family Portrait

(Home of artist - Truchas New Mexico)

(young Karl and Phillip and Kathy back there?)

I don't really know what it's called and there's already been enough apologies for the image quality although possibly not for the slightly hyper-realism of the preceding images. They got photoshopped a bit to bring out what I saw there that I didn't see in the images on the camera. Might be something in the air, like Shangra La...


Title Unknown

(Home of artist - Truchas New Mexico)


Or even speculated about. This just really doesn't do it, not at all. You can't get there from here, and for all I know you can't even get there from there. Not enough space and light to show you the space and ... light ...

The thing on the right is a real window in Kathy's house, not a window into another room like the painting on the left. However, it is also not a virtual painting so don't bother clicking it. Really.

David Morton

(Home of artist - Truchas New Mexico)


I don't know if that's the name of the painting - Kathy didn't tell me - I can't imagine saying "and what do you call this one, Kathy..." - but I'm pretty sure that's who it is. I'm hedging here to avoid provoking a response on the order of "you fool that's not david morton that's Diogenes contemplating the last honest cup of coffee"



And how could you not like this one?



I don't know what kathy calls it...

(Home of artist - Truchas New Mexico)


Here's a picture of Kathy and her son Karl up in Truchas in November of 1998.

The next day it snowed a foot in Santa Fe and kept me from going up to Tony's in Reserve New Mexico. Don't wanna think about it.



Kathy and Karl in Truchas


Those are the 13,000+ ft Truchas peaks in the background. The stuff in the back of the pickup are sacks of diamonds from Kathy's diamond mine, which is how she can afford to live in such a beautiful place. Diamonds don't buy as much as they used to, huh Kathy?


We've got some more Kathy Pease coming up folks - as soon as we get through airbrushing out the incriminating evidence...

Some late breaking news here.

First, the good news: Kathy and been showing and selling her work at some galleries around Northern New Mexico

and the bad news is that big chunks of the forest around her house went up in flames in the recent 2002 fire - but she's ok, the chickens are ok, the paintings are ok - and Kathy got a little notoriety for refusing to be evacuated from Truchas even as the fire came roaring up the Rio Quemado river valley from Cordova

No one has been up to our place on the edge of the land grant - so we don't know whether we still got trees or not. You'd think with all the money they spend on satellite pictures we'd be able to get a looksee without mounting an expedition...



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