Well, maybe Rosé won't read you a poem, but since i have a book full of his stuff and seeing as how we're such good buddies, i'm gonna go ahead and let you see a piece of, as Rosé recently wrote:

"a stanza from canto 7 which I am furiously working on..."

This bit just happens to be about Tony, so maybe Rosé won't sue me for putting it up here pre-publication as it were...

The pyramid, designed for star ascension

A late and famous unknown thinker says

Is a perfect model of the fifth dimension

He learned some secrets in mysterious Fez

His spirit spins in heavenly suspension

While his ashes ride the salt sea of Cortez

His sides so split with laughing; I know he'll need a suture

As he goes madly dancing up and down the future


I thought about that "The pyramid, designed for star ascension" and decided it went well with a 3 dimensional depiction of a Koch Fractal i imaged back in about 1993. Tony and i sure did a lot of lip-flapping about the nature of the structure of perceived reality, and pyramidal, diamond ascension was one of his pet perceives.

Right below is what that dimensionalized Koch fractal looks like - usually you see it in a 2D representation. Well, this IS a 2D representation, but it's a 2D representation of a 3D representation - i mean, ALL the math is there and we could wheel it around and look at it any old which way - even inside looking out, and THAT's different. Tony and i could talk about this for a while ... until way after dinner got cold and the ladies have retired for the night in disgust at our puerile yattering about the unknowable

Here's what the cover of Rosé's new book looks like. It's one of my friend Jim Wrinkle's digital drawings and all of us are pleased to see it on the cover of this book of really pretty damn good poems.

[Synergetic Press 2001. www.synergeticpress.com]

I don't see how - what with that sample and a peek at this spiffy cover - you could not want to scoop up a copy of this book. Rosé has got a few stashed away in the family vault and if you contact him at:


I don't anticipate that it would be a big hassle to arrange to purchase a shiny new copy of this very contemporary (and IMHO, extremely readable and accessible) poetry. Give it a try, you'll be glad you did.

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