James Wrinkle
Digital Media, 3x2 ratio - any dimension. 2002


Jim says this is the first piece he's done on his new mac "Titanium" G4 powerbook. I think he may have painted it with the touchpad, which would make this a bit special...

I could have driven from Taos to Santa Fe and back and hung this in a real gallery in the time it took me to swap it into the place where bi-ab #23 had been living in VG2. Kids, don't try this at home...

If you've been observant you'll have noticed that the piece above looks different from the image on the wall in VG2. That's because the wide angle "camera" lens used in the gallery really stretches these rectangles out when you're not looking at them face on. Which is why you get another view of it here.

Get used to it.