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Composite and doctored "Bowers" photo mjr 2002 - (link lost...)

This Could Well Be Somewhen Or Where

I don't know anything about art, but i know what i like - and the same goes for my personal knowledge of Ron Davis. We've been in the same room together maybe half a dozen times over the last 25 years so I guess i'll have to judge our relationship, and my thoughts and feelings about him and his art based on really unscientific criteria. Like my friend Jim Wrinkle, this guy has just given and given and really it's sort of embarrassing but there it is.

If you don't go ahead and dip, skim, or plow you way through his bio and art and musings you're missing out on one hell of a show and a free education. If you're one of those dot com weasels that didn't lose your knickers in the crash and still have some spondulacs laying about but think CDs and T-Bills look lousy and you wouldn't touch the market with a very long pole but have thrown away a grand on plastic upholstery protectors for your Lexus SUV then for crying out loud buy some of this guys stuff - you can bet it'll look better 5 years from now than your SUV will (shouldn't drink n' drive...), it'll probably be worth more, and besides having a warm sense of satisfaction at owning such a lustrous object you will have justified your existence on the planet.

If you're pinching pennies there's at least eye-candy and maybe more if you get excited - and if you're really broke you are among the blesséd because not only do you still have a computer to use, but you can fill your heart and eyes right here and now - so scroll on back up to the pretty picture and just klik his link and then on ahead and don't stop 'til your brain and mouse finger -  both - bleed.