Welcome to Dadadata's
Second Virtual Gallery Installation

Our "NakeDocentz" (c) will assist you

(but first, we're going to stun you with verbiage)

Some musing about virtual spaces pretending to be art galleries:

Most everything is, or will be, "clickable." Paintings should eventually lead to larger editions of same, and clicking NakeDocentz should either put you at their POV (point of view)  - or maybe into a room - depending on how much hassle it was to get the sightlines right. Rooms will be added and subtracted in an illogical and capricious manner, and there will likely be some implementation of inter and intra dimensional chutes and ladders through various cyberspaces. There will be spelling errors and things that don't work. There may be things that do work.

These images and words are not here to make you think you're in a real art gallery. It would be dumb to even try. Instead, you're going to ask yourself to ignore everything you know about spatial constructs and perspective and buy into this ridiculous sideshow for as long as it holds your interest. It's no use complaining, because me and the nakedocentz don't give a rootietoot as we are actually in the back room living it up.

When you look at art on the internet, you have no frame of reference. There's no way to tell how big or small things are supposed to be or how they relate to human scale. VG2 addresses some of these concerns, but because you're looking at 3 dimensional things on a flat 2 dimensional surface - many things are distorted in novel ways. This artifact of perception becomes part of the art, and your belief in solid reality is the only thing that maintains the illusion - any of the illusions you believe in - and your sanity. Actually, it's more complicated than that - but think abut it later.

VG2 substitutes one form of illusionistic space for another - one form of sanity for another - one that i've created to lie to you about volumes and space both real and artificial. Your mind is the important thing here. Not only are you looking at digitized mathematical representations of physical interior spaces, but you're also looking at digital representations of abstracted human imaginative space. Both spatial types are subject to extreme distortion in translation - the former in 3D to 2D conversion, and the latter in 11D hypergravity to 2D dimensioning. A beach ball is really a two dimensional object but we won't go into that here.

Some Notes About NakeDocentz:

Please do not be churlish and rude with the nakedocentz. They are innocent of all intentionality and are completely inert, as they are made out of mathematical lookup tables that you can edit with a database program. They are unpaid nonsexual placemarkers and reference scaling devices that just happen to look a lot like naked women. They're not. Any thoughts you may have along those lines are purely your own and you're going to have deal with them and hopefully get over it soon. All of you. They are merely here to assist you and pick up the empty cheap plastic cheap wine cups. Also, they looked better than arrows or footprints and go good with abstract art.

If you find you have a problem with these concepts and the use of nakedocentz herein - then please just quit this site now. Thank you. For those of you that are still here, start scrolling..

(there are TO and FROM and lassie go HOME arrows for those of you that can't stand to mouse around the drawings any longer...)